What differentiates us
We ensure that clients find a new job as quickly as possible by developing a custom search strategy for each client, which we implement through weekly meetings and frequent follow-ups.
A key part of our approach is to make sure that clients have the skills they need to be successful – not only during the search process, but also once they begin their new positions. We provide concrete training on essential skills such as networking, business development, time management, leadership and public speaking.
Our services have no “expiration date” – we work with each client until he or she finds their next job, regardless of the length of the search. Clients report that this commitment boosts their confidence and self-esteem, which in turn leads to a faster, more successful job search.
We have helped thousands of attorneys from more than seventy-five major law firms, corporations and trade associations make successful transitions.
Davis & Chapman has an extensive network throughout the United States, which provides exclusive networking opportunities for clients.
We pride ourselves on the discreet nature in which we provide our services and believe our guarantee of confidentiality helps clients move forward in the job search process more effectively.